Tom Sabin graduated from the University of Denver, United States, his home country, with a degree in Acting, Cinema and Photography.  There he began his career as an editor in Los Angeles, working in the world of film and TV.  A feature film with director Bigas Luna led him to Barcelona, where he later grew into a commercial director, winning numerous international awards including three Cannes Lions, Clio, Fiap, London Advertising Award… among many others, such as the Gran Sol in San Sabastian, The highest award available in Spain. Tom is accustomed to working in far off countries, such as China, Thailand, Ukraine and Egypt, not to mention the United States and Spain

Amoi Phones

Audi “Kiss”



Cacaolat “Winter”

Citroën “Dog”

Corrieri della Sera “Monkey”

Odessa “Party”

Xunta Galicia

Purina Cat Chow

Cacaolat “Chapa”