Born in 1974 in San francisco, Karman has been based in southern Europe since 1999. After a film degree from U.C. Berkeley in 1996 and cinematography work in Los Angeles, he began the post-production route towards directing: special effects experience at Industrial Light & Magic (“Star Wars the Phantom Menace” by George Lucas, “Magnolia” by Paul Thomas Anderson, “Celebrity” bu Woody Allen). This was soon followed by a move Europe and a new concentration on editing. In 2002 Karman grew into directing documentaries, music videos and commercials. His work includes fashion spots for Shakira and Gucci, with actor James Franco. Karman is a non-stop traveler, wanna-be anthropologist, rock climber, and gardener. He is currently based in Rome.

Carte Noir

Gucci James Franco

Incredible India



Konica Minolta

Pupa Snow Queen


Thai Shampoo


Cotton Fields “Lingerie”

Camay Soap

David Yurman

Frames of Life “Giorgio Armani”